Xavier Noria

from Barcelona

Ruby on Rails Consulting

I am a remote Ruby on Rails consultant with over sixteen years of professional programming experience. I have been working with Ruby on Rails for many years and am a member of the Ruby on Rails core team.


Companies I have had the pleasure to work with since I started as an independent consultant:

As a work discipline I do not parallelize, but commit to one client at a time. I believe I offer more value if my mind is fully concentrated in one problem. Currently I am consulting for Jobandtalent.

You can next. Technical advising, architecture, Ruby on Rails specialized problems, application design, optimizations, code reviews, team mentoring, rescue missions, etc.


I have a degree in Mathematics by the University of Barcelona. Have worked in a few things ranging from a small music shop to proofreading math textbooks for six years. I have been into computers since I was a kid, programming has always been a passion, and switched to being a programmer for a living after doing one year of PhD.

I spend most of my spare time contributing to open source. Open source is all about knowledge sharing and collaboration, principles I strongly believe construct a better society.

I have been around Ruby on Rails since 2005. I am a member of the Rails core team, and the author of Rails Contributors. Also honored to have been presented a Ruby Hero Award in RailsConf 2010, and to be part of the team who organised the European Ruby Conference 2009 (EuRuKo 2009), held in Barcelona.

I was also into Perl for some years. I am a CPAN author, and former leader of Barcelona.pm. Back in 2006 I published an article about the intricacies of newlines for O'Reilly's ONLamp.com. Also taught a Perl semester for seven years at the University of Barcelona as a part-time lecturer. That was vocational, I did it in my spare time.


Reading is one of my passions. I keep a listing of the books I read.


Please feel free to contact me at .